Billy Rancher

Many many years ago in Corvallis Oregon I met one of my life long friends, Steve Hettum. Steve was a very talented singer and song writer and has been since I met him in Cornvallis. After college I lost touch with Steve for a while. One day I was in downtown Portland to have lunch with my sister. On the corner of 7th and Washington I ran into Steve. I was glad to see him and asked what he was up to. He told me he was managing a band. I was surprised because he was so talented I thought for sure he would be involved in his own music career.

      After some chit chat I asked what the name of the band was. He said: “Billy Rancher and the Unreal Gods” I said: “Can you call a Band that?”

       Anyway I began going to see the band Steve was managing. They were more than popular in the Local music scene. They were everything you would expect from a world class rock band. They signed with Arista records and Clive Davis and then tragedy. (A story you can read about in the book “Rocky Road”)            The band went their separate ways and I lost touch with Steve for a while.

       After we opened Locals Only, Steve and I started talking. He wanted to get the Billy Rancher recordings out on CD. So, Locals Only Recordings put them out.

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